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CircScribe+ Conductive Ink Pen


Let kids bring their circuit drawings to life. Electrify their circuit sketches with CircScribe+ Conductive Ink Pen.

This conductive pen has taken over the world by storm. It is sort of a typical pen but uses a special ink called Conductive ink that transmits electricity. Typically created by mixing regular ink and graphite or any conductive material to give it conductive properties. Make learning and designing circuits as easy as doodling!

      • Extremely Conductive Ink Pen:  It includes a conductive, non-harmful ink pen that can compose on pretty much any surface and conducts electricity in pretty much a few minutes. This pen is ready to use and is ideal for young and inventive researchers out there.
      • Learn, Explore, and Create: This kit puts the power of conductivity into a pen, allowing the joy of creating circuits available to everyone who can doodle. Start with the basics and build a gradually complex system at your own pace. No soldering or electrical expertise is required! Practice with light sensing, timed circuits, and more! 
      • Creative Science for All: This CircScribe+ Conductive Ink Pen is the excellent introduction to more advanced circuitry concepts, like inputs, outputs, series, parallel connections through hands-on invention. Anyone, even a total beginner, can now create circuits with this pen!
      • Teach Kids Draw Their Own Working Circuits: If you have or know an inquisitive kid who would want to explore the world of ICs, resistors, and other electronics, this pen will be a delight for them. Since this is not battery powered and has non-toxic inks, you can be sure of the child's safety while using it.
      • Put Electric Power Into Your Drawing Pen:Professionals who often work on fixing circuits and creating new circuits can use this pen to do so. Use it while trying out new circuit designs. Since the conductive ink is made of highly conductive materials, they can be used in PCBs of most standard equipment. This will not only bring down the repair time but will make repair easy.

Product Details:

Weight: 22g

Ink Components: Silver + Copper Powder

Ink Color: Black or Gold

Ink Capacity: 6ml

Package Included:

1 x CircScribe+ Conductive Ink Pen

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