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ClearGlass Ant Sand Castle Kit

Insect enthusiasts, are you wondering how little ants live, eat, and multiply? 

Through thisClearGlass Ant Sand Castle Kit, you will be able to see and observe the behavior of these little creatures. Watch how they build their homes, reproduce and live. Discover how they build their community, respect and protect their queen.

  • Build a Real Anthill at Home: In this facility, they can build their natural and ecological nestwhere worker and soldier ants can perform their tasks and live. Gives sufficient room with pure and natural sand for them to build a home or nest. In this make-shift castle, the queen ant is able to live comfortably and lay eggs to congregate. 
  • Top of the Line Build: This ClearGlass Ant Sand Castle Kit is made of durable and transparent glass material. It guarantees a long time of use for ant farming and breeding. See and observe with your very own eyes how ants live, reproduce and survive. 
  • Fully Functioning Observatory: Designed to see different ant species and nests. Complete with an ant’s nest area and feeding area that makes it a haven for them to live in. It is also equipped with water feeder and moisturizer for convenient living and breeding. Good sealing effect that prevents ants from escaping and nice ventilation design for good air supply.
  • Kids Learning Tool: This small and exquisite device is a great science educational toy. It cultivates the child’s analytical and performance ability because this kit has some assembling to make. The assembling process is a good bonding time for parents and the kids, too! 

    Product Details:


    Color: Transparent

    Components: Acrylic, Glass

    Size:15 x 12 x 10cm

    Package Include:

    1setClearGlass Ant Sand Castle Kit

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