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Cold N Fun Snowball Maker Blaster


Let your kids have fun in the snow this winter season by giving them this Cold N Fun Snowball Maker Blaster. 

Make the perfect snowballs and launch it continuously for a much fun snowball fight. No battery needed. Just scoop snow, make snowballs and launch! 

  • Win your snowball fights. It makes any snowball making fast and snowball throwing far. Cold N Fun Snowball Maker Blaster is your perfect snowball maker and blaster for you can throw 3 snowballs continuously. 
  • Aim and blast mechanism. No need for battery. It’s a simple and easy snowball thrower that is safe for kids to play. It features a snow scooper, snowball molder and a pull mechanism to launch the snowballs. Aim and blast up to 39 feet. You can even turn it into a competition.  
  • Safe snow blaster for kids. Suitable for kids 4 years old and above. Perfect for outdoor and long distance snowball fights. Made from durable, eco-friendly and nontoxic plastic materials. It molds the snow in perfectly-shaped balls. Safe and no rough edges. 

Product Details:

Product Size:  36 x 27cm

Product Weight: 750g

Color:  green, blue

Components: ABS plastic

Package Included:

1 x Snowball Maker Blaster

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