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ColdFront Thermal Fleece Denim Jeggings


Ever wonder how they keep wearing denim in super cold weather? Their secret? Stay fashionable and keep wearing jeans even in cold seasons by using this ColdFront Thermal Fleece Denim Jeggings. Designed with stretchable denim on the outside and thermal fleece fabric on the inside. It keeps the heat-insulated to keep you warm all night and all day.

  • Stay fashionable and warm.ColdFront Thermal Fleece Denim Jeggings keeps you in style while keeping you warm and toasty. No need for bulky layers and thermal undergarments. The inner fleece fabric is thick but lightweight to provide warmth when you’re outdoors.
BorBur Thermal Fleece Denim Jeggings – ALIFEAPP
  • Achieve shapely body silhouette.A woman’s leggings that shapes your body by amping up your buttocks and thighs and sets well on your waist. No muffin top! Achieve visible slimming effect. It’s elastic and zipper free so you can slip in and wear it like skinny jeans. Feel confident wearing your jeggings.
  • Fits well and are comfortable.Struggling to find skinny jeans that would fit well and comfortable to wear? You can choose the best fit for you. You don’t have to compromise and comfort - these jeggings have both! Perfect winter jeans. These thermal fleece jeans come from Small up to XXXL sizes. 

Product Details:
  • Components: Polyester, Spandex, Cotton (Inner Fleece)
  • Color: Black, Blue
  • Size: 
M 93cm 58-87cm 73-93cm 44.5cm
L 94cm 61-90cm 76-96cm 46cm
XL 95cm 64-93cm 76-96cm 47.5cm
XXL 96cm 67-96cm 82-102cm 49cm
3L 97cm 70-99cm 85-105cm 50.5cm
4L 98cm 73-103cm 88-105cm 51cm
5L 99cm 76-107cm 91-108cm 51.5cm
Package Included:
  • 1 x Thermal Fleece Denim Jeggings

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