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ComfortPlus Touch-Sensitive Thermal Gloves


Cover your hands from the extreme cold!

During the winter season, people tremble over the freezing weather coldness.  Cover your hands with theseComfortPlus Touch-Sensitive Thermal Gloves – the thermal gloves that guarantee warmth and a soothing feeling for your hands. It’s thick, windproof, and waterproof for any winter outdoor activity. Combat extreme cold, shaky, and trembling hands!



🔥Gives Comfort and Warmth: Made of high density and breathable polyester fabric that effectively blocks coldness while maintaining a sweat-free and comfortable hand. It is inner lined with a soft fleece that gives a warm and comfortable feeling. Regulate the temperature at 40 degrees with heat waves through thermodynamic technology. Maintain a 30% warmer temperature than usual.

🔥Bulk-free and Easy to Wear: It has an anti-skid surface that allows the user to hold anything firmly without limitation. It also has a buckle that prevents it from getting lost during outdoor sports and makes it easy to carry too. Play your favorite sports without compromising your hands’ effectiveness. Constructed with a stretchable knitted cuff that makes it easy to wear and remove. 

🔥Water, Wind and Snowproof: The silica gel on the outside surface of these gloves makes it waterproof. Users will be protected from splashing water without worrying about getting their hands wet. Keep your hands warm, dry and comfortable. These gloves are the perfect all-weather hand protection with high resistance to water, wind and snow.

🔥Touch Screen-Sensitive: Though your hand is wearing these ComfortPlus Touch-Sensitive Thermal Gloves, you can still operate your gadgets because these gloves are touchscreen sensitive. It’s responsive, accurate and sensitive like your bare hands. Have fun while doing winter activities like skiing, horse riding,biking, hiking, driving, cycling, and snow skiing in winter.

Product Details:

Components: Polyester
Color: Black, Violet, Gray


  • S: Palms width: 8 cm, palms circumference 20 cm, total length 23 cm
  • M : Palms width: 9 cm, palms circumference 21 cm, total length 24 cm
  • L: Palm width: 10 cm, palms circumference 22 cm, total length 25 cm
  • XL: Palms width: 11 cm, palms circumference 23 cm, total length 26 cm
  • XXL: Palms width: 12 cm, palm circumference 24 cm, total length 27 cm

Package Included: 

1 x pair ComfortPlus Touch-Sensitive Thermal Gloves

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