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CookIt Stainless Steel Luncheon Meat Slicer

Cut luncheon meat and other soft food in identical proportions

Cut luncheon meat and other soft food in perfect proportions using CookIt Stainless Steel Luncheon Meat Slicer. It's a multifunctional food slicer that is advantageous to use in the kitchen. Hassle-free and fastest way to slice luncheon meat, ham, cheese, eggs and even fruits like bananas, watermelon and more. 



  • Slice in perfect sizes and proportionsCookIt Stainless Steel Luncheon Meat Slicer is durable and made of ABS plastic board so it’s sturdier yet lighter. Designed with 10 cutting stainless steel wires so you can slice 11 pieces at once in seconds! No need for a knife and meticulous slicing. Slice perfectly in seconds. 
  • Efficient in cutting soft food.It’s a total time saver while keeping your food presentable. It’s a kitchen essential for people with little time to prep their own food. Cut soft foods quick and easy. You can cut luncheon meat, ham, cold cut meats, cheese, eggs, bananas, strawberries, avocado, mushrooms, tofu, and more! 
  • For fast meal preps. Like making your own food? It’s a great tool for making the perfect slices for appetizers, sandwiches, side dishes and entrees. 
  • Ergonomically designed for efficient kitchen use. Use in 2 simple steps. Non-slip bottom and comfortable handle. Slices in 180 degrees so you can cut bigger food with ease. 

Product Details:

Components: Stainless Steel, ABS
Color: Yellow
Product Size:  22x12.5x5cm / 8.7x4.9x2.0in
Product Weight: 263g/9.3oz

Package Included:

1 x Stainless Steel Luncheon Meat Slicer

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