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Coolizy Snap-On Phone Cooler


Instantly cool down heating smartphones!

Phones are getting more and more powerful and every high-end phone boasts of extreme gaming performance. Of course, those don’t come without drawbacks, and the biggest of which is the thermal output of the hardware. With these being elaborated,Coolizy Snap-On Phone Cooler is devised and considered to be the best way to combat mobile phone high temperatures. It can immediately cool down the heat, letting you enjoy the games and stream your fave dramas even for long hours.


📱Effective Cooling:Compared with other phone coolers, this radiator has a powerful heat dissipation. It has a 9-blade fan and a rotation speed of 5000rpm. It features Turbine Hurricane Cooling in which a large amount of wind instantly takes away the heat from the mobile phone. Effectively cool down the fever caused by Wilderness Action/PUBG Mobile/ML games.

📱Long-lasting Battery: This mobile phone cooling fan is equipped with a 300mAh battery and can be used continuously for 2 – 3 hours. This device can be charged using a power bank, or computer USB interface connection. Worry not, a USB charging cable is included.

📱Snap-On Design: The snap-on feature of this device makes it very easy and convenient to use. Simply attach the cooling bracket on the back of the mobile phone. Hook one side to the mobile phone, then pull the telescopic clamping arm to hook the other side to secure it.

📱Low Noise Operation:
This Coolizy Snap-On Phone Cooler is small and that is what makes it very convenient to use. It does not interfere with voice chats because of the low noise operation of its frequency conversion DC motor. It is just around 33% of the size of a cell phone making gaming execution awesome.

Product Details:

Charging interface: USB
Cable length: 1.5m/59in
Size: about 77*45*19mm/3.03*1.77*0.74in
Weight: about 38g                                                                                                   Components: ABS
Battery capacity: 300mAh
Input voltage: 5V
Rotation Speed: 5000 rpm
Colour: silver, black

Package Includes:

1 x Coolizy Snap-On Phone Cooler
1 x USB Cable

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