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Coordination Game Balance Toy

Our Coordination Game Balance Toy’s goal is to neatly stack the discs atop the handle. This unpredictable coordination game gives both adults and kids a good balancing challenge. It sure sounds extremely basic and simple however the greatest challenge is maintaining them stacked using balance and high concentration. It’s a fun game that will surely make your brain active.


  • Physical and mental dexterity are required.Up for a good challenge? Our Coordination Game Balance Toy requires both physical and mental dexterity to keep the 7 rotating magnetic discs aligned. It needs hand eye coordination, sensory and fine motor skills.
TrueBalance Coordination Game - -
  • Educational and entertaining.Easy, fun while at the same time challenging and benefits gamers of improved motor skills and increases focus and develops coordination and critical thinking.
TrueBalance (Wood) - Toy Sense
  • A game for all ages. Here’s a toy that is also great for autism or for children diagnosed with autism. A stimulating toy designed for kids and adults of all ages. It helps toddlers develop their motor skills, while it helps adults improve their concentration, critical thinking and relieve stress. 
Coordination Game - Original by TrueBalance - 1
  • A toy build to last.Made from durable wooden magnetic discs. It’s 7.25 inches x 1.69 inches x 1.69 inches. It can be played upright or upside down or both for a more challenging game. It comes in 4 varieties - Original, Pro, Junior and travel.
Product Details:
  • Components: Beech wood, magnets, ball bearings
  • Product dimension: 2.25 x 2.25 x 17 inches
  • Product weight: 0.88 lbs

Package Included:
  • 1 x Coordination Game Balance Toy

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