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CrazyGames Penguin Pirate Ship Balance Game

Keep the ship balanced and the penguins all aboard! Here’s a fun and suspenseful game everyone can play. 


CrazyGames Penguin Pirate Ship Balance Game is a board game that challenges every player to keep the pirate ship on balance and prevent it from tipping. No dice, no counting, only one simple rule  - keep the balance. A multiplayer game for all ages; it’s fun, easy to play and totally addicting! 


    • A challenging game for everyone. CrazyGames Penguin Pirate Ship Balance Game is played with players putting 16 penguin pieces around the ship while keeping the balance. Whoever tips over the ship loses the game. Simple and easy game rules but exciting and suspenseful to play. 
    • An educational and fun game for kids. More than just a play set, it is also educational. It helps develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking skills. Keeping the balance also requires focus. If you want to get your child’s attention and keep him to focus, this game is a good game to practice. 
    • No dice, no complicated parts, no difficult mechanics. Suitable for 3-year old kids and above to play. Simple and easy mechanics. No dice to roll, no counting spaces and no difficult parts to connect. Just pure fun and excitement of placing penguins on board the ship.
    • A good entertainment game.Spend quality time with your family playing this game or keep your guests entertained during a party. It's a good game to play on events like Christmas night, birthdays and or to bring during trips and vacation for game time. Only 26.5x26.5x9 cm in size and 1 lbs weight. It’s small, lightweight and designed with a little storage at the bottom of the ship for pieces. 
    • Ideal gift for kids. You can never go wrong with toys as your gift for kids. CrazyGames Penguin Pirate Ship Balance Game is a perfect gift for little girls and boys for Christmas, birthdays, rewards and more. Made from safe, nontoxic ABS plastics. 

Product Details:

Components:  Premium ABS plastic

Product Size: 26.5x26.5x9 cm

Product Weight: 0.45kg

Package Included:

1 x Pirate Ship

1 x balance stand

16 x pirate penguins

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