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CYP Dual Camera Harness Carrier

Become a photographer master

CYP Dual Camera Harness Carrier is the most versatile dual camera harness for professional photographers in the world. Wear it like a backpack and attach two cameras. Through updated high-performance materials the design us a lighter weight breathable strap while maintaining a sleek professional style. It’s perfect for event, sport, and wedding photographers.


  • Keep your gears within your reach.CYP Dual Camera Harness Carrier allows you to carry two cameras even your tripod at the same time and switch between them rapidly.


  • Work with style and convenience. The harness was created in an absolutely beautiful design, not only comfortable but made to keep you in style. It perfectly distributes the weight on both sides. Easy access to grab your camera any time you want to capture a moment.


  • An essential tool for photographers. You don’t have to worry about the cameras falling because this harness is made of nylon which provides a high load for the shoulder strap. It ensures safety for all your gears. 

Product Details

Weight: 0.6 kg

Components: Nylon

Package includes:

1 x CYP Dual Camera Harness Carrier

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