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DecoLight LED Bulb Christmas Ball


Make your Christmas warm, bright and memorable! Light up your Christmas tree with this DecoLight LED Bulb Christmas Ball! 

Give beauty to your Christmas tree in daylight and bring an amazing warm light at night. A beautiful and unique Christmas tree ornament with decals inside.  Add a sense of happiness and jubilant festival atmosphere to any space inside your home. 


  • Unique and Transparent Design: A beautiful decoration that gives a lovely ambiance even when Christmas is over. Transparent build lets anyone gaze over the fruitful and adorable design inside this bulb. Replace your plain Christmas tree balls and light up your tree with these Holiday bulbs instead. 
  • Durable, Waterproof and Safe: Easy to adjust and hang anywhere you like. Use it on any occasion to add a warm and bright ambiance anywhere. Made of high-quality materials. Non-toxic and waterproof IP55 level. 
    • Less Power Consumption: Button-powered batter doesn’t overheat even after prolonged usage. Built-in with 3 batteries that can be replaced if needed. No more worries about the electricity bill, you can turn it on or off as you want.
      • Wide Usage Decoration: This DecoLight LED Bulb Christmas Ball is ideal for many decorations such as Christmas, weddings, parties, home, living room, dates, and more! Use it as an ornament on your home, table, or as simple desk decor. Give a happy and memorable Christmas to your family and friends. 

        Product Details:

        Components: Plastic
        Color: Transparent
        Style: A, B, C, D, E, F
        Height: 12cm
        Width: 7.5cm
        Weight: 29g
        Battery Type: Ag 13
        Battery Quantity: 3 pcs.

        Packaged Include:

        1 x DecoLight LED Bulb Christmas Ball

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