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DELIGHTS™️ DIY Portable Popcorn Machine

DELIGHTS™️ DIY Portable Popcorn Machine

Enjoy homemade fresh popcorn anytime with DELIGHTS™️ DIY Portable Popcorn Machine. Kernels go into a popping chamber - no oil is required - and hot air sends up to 10 cups of popcorn up and out the chute right into a waiting bowl. And it all happens in less than 3 minutes. Make your movie night more amazing with tasty and healthy popcorn!


  • Make fresh popcorn.DELIGHTS™️ DIY Portable Popcorn Machine adopts the hot air method that does not need any oil, producing popcorn with fewer calories. Plus, it is equipped with a unique wind channel to ensure that the constant hot air produces healthy and tasty popcorn.

  • Enjoy a fun movie night. This makes movie night popcorn quickly and easily. You can pop a batch of popcorn in 2 to 3 minutes and give your home movie night the feeling of being in a theater. Say goodbye to all the hassle just to create a perfect popcorn!

  • Easy to clean.The removable top vent allows for quick cleaning of your popper and directs fresh popcorn to your waiting bowl. You can clean it like a breeze!

  • One-switch, more popcorn. With just a push of a button, this unit pops up to 10 cups of healthy, air-popped popcorn per batch - perfect for parties, large group gatherings, or a family night in. 

Product Details

Weight: 0.86kg

Plug type: US/EU

Components: PP + PC

Size: 266mm x 123mm x 185mm

Power: 1200 watts

Voltage: US 110 volts / Euro 230 volts

Package includes:

1 x DELIGHTS™️ DIY Portable Popcorn Machine

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