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Digital Automatic Fish Feeder

Are you having a vacation? What's with your fish? Can you get a fish without food for a week? Grab this reliable automatic feeder and forget about all the problems. Now you can supply flakes, granules, or pellets on a fixed schedule!What's more, huh? This feeder will drop food into the tank, leaving you free to keep up with your busy schedule. Up to 4 meal times a day are programmable. The 500ml high-capacity no-brainer easily lasts up to 8 weeks of feeding. Forget the tiring top-up of tiny containers.A simple feeder. The digital screen comes with an exquisite clock, battery life indicator, breathing light (3-second flashing) for power loss warning, 100% seal-tight jar, and a dedicated drying tray to keep your food fresh all the time it sets apart.Features:
Programmable precise feed timer. It provides 4 self-activating release modes and a manual setup. You can set up a limit of 4 exact meal times per day.
A large-capacity container of 500 ml. Scale really does matter so this smart feeder comes with a 500ml large-capacity container that can comfortably last 8 weeks of delivery when you're away.
Adjustable press. The adjustable knob gives you the benefit of managing the drop amount of snacks for each feed depending on the size and quantity of your fish. It is advisable to minimize the amount of food when you are away on long journeys to prevent ammonia and nitrite levels from increasing.
The optical insightful screen. The detailed digital screen ensures that all displays (clock, timer, battery life, breathing light) are available for easy reference.
Simple to install. Its adjustable bracket makes it easy to attach most of the fish tanks available on the market.
Dual-Power Mode. It can be powered either by 4x AAA battery or by charging a USB cable at your convenience.
Dedicated drying tray. Now with a dedicated desiccant tray, holding your flakes, granules or pellets in check for moisture is simple. Every pellet is guaranteed to be fresh when the nutrients are stored in the tank!
 Product Specifications:
Size: 3.5*3.5*7.1" (9.0*9.0*18.0cm)
Capacity: 500 ml
Battery: 4*AAA (not included and need to be bought separately)
Net Weight: 390g
Adapter DC5V 1A
USB wire length: 1.5m
Time Mode: 24 hour clock
Materials: ABS

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