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Ding-A-Bell Ring Matching Game

DING DING DING! Who wants to play a matching ring racing game?

Wanna have a lively and amusing sleepover or even parties? Try playing this wonderful game that ensures no dull hours when playing– theDing-A-Bell Ring Matching Game! This is a challenging game for people of all ages and genders. Everyone would surely wear a smile of fun and happiness while racing to ring that bell!


  • An enjoyable and educational game: Challenge your speed, coordination, and attention to details. Players are tested to use their wits, memory and speed in getting the right band to put on their fingers. The one who gets the right color order of the ring wins!
  • Environmentally Friendly MaterialsPlay this Ding-A-Bell Ring Matching Game with just pure fun and enjoyment. Playing materials are made of non-toxic plastic that are safe to use by anyone whether kids or adults. Everyone can enjoy the game without endangering their health. 

    How to Play this Game:

    Bring out the deck of cards. Place a bell and 60 elastic hair rings at the center that can be easily reached by every player.

    • Flip over a card – shuffle a deck of cards.
    • Race to grab the right band and stretch them over the right finger
    • Ring the bell to win the card – the first player to hit the bell with the right band pattern wins the game and will collect the card. It’s a race to five, so the first to win 5 cards is declared as the game winner. 

      Product Details:

      Components: Plastic

      Colors: Assorted

      Package Included:

      24 x Picture Cards

      60 x  Hair Rings

      1 x Bell

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