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DKM Refillable Pocket Hand Warmer


Gentle warmth for outdoor activities

DKM Refillable Pocket Hand Warmer is designed to keep your hands warm for hours by giving off gentle and consistent warmth throughout the day.  Lightweight, compact and perfect to bring outdoors for activities during cold months and weather. Flameless pocket-sized hand warmer for the cold season. 


🔥Refillable hand warmer.

DKM Refillable Pocket Hand Warmer produces a consistent odorless and flameless heat. It uses a Catalytic burner and lighter fluid. Easy to use and easy to refill. It provides comfortable heat for 6-12 hours once lighted. Keep your hands warm up to 12 hours on a cold day.

🔥Gentle warmth for outdoor activities.
Fill it up and enjoy the consistent warmth as you go on your outdoor activities  during the cold season. Perfect to bring during hunting, snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing, trekking or watching your favorite sport on a gameday. 

🔥Cost-efficient than the disposable ones. 
DKM Refillable Pocket Hand Warmer is reusable, refillable and definitely durable. The improved fill tank provides a visual line to know where to fill to. It has sturdy metal packaging that withstands a cruel climate.  Forget about buying time and again of disposable hand warmers. 


🔥Convenient and reliable hand warmers
. Pocket-friendly, easy to use and refill. No odors, no leaks, no flames. Just consistent toasty warmth. It even works better than battery ones. It uses lighter fluid so it provides heat constantly for hours to make you feel warm and comfortable on cold winter days. 

Product Details:

Components: Rugged metal construction
Product Size: 3.9" x 2.6" x 0.5"
Product Weight: 2.6 oz
Color: Chrome, Black, Orange, Camo

Package Included:

1 x Refillable Pocket Hand Warmer

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