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DMZ Home Refrigerator Cleaning Dredge Kit

No more unpleasant smell in your fridge

Is your fridge giving off a foul smell even after cleaning and defrosting and leaking? Your fridge drain pipe must be clogged and contaminated. Clean it completely and thoroughly to avoid contamination and keep food fresh Using DMZ Home Refrigerator Cleaning Dredge Kit. It’s a 2 piece cleaning set including a flexible scrubbing brush and a drain dredge tool


  • Unclog your fridge drain hole. The drain dredge tool has a dirt suction, drain tube and a syringe to allow water to flow smoothly and clean out with ease.  Inject 70-80 C hot water to remove dirt and ice blockage.
    Remove drain dredge blockage and eliminate the foul odor in your fridge. 
  • Clean out every dirt. The flexible stainless steel scrubbing brush is 155cm long and can reach within the drain hole to remove any clogs and dirt. It gently wipes away dirt without damaging the pipeline. It can be used to clean pipes for aquariums, water pumps, tubes and small pipes.

  • Keep food fresh longer.  Clear out the blockage and remove the unpleasant smell that could contaminate your food. Keep your foods and fridge fresh and smelling good. 


Product Details:

Components: PVC,  Nylon, Stainless Steel
Product Size:
Dredging tube:  1.5m, flusher capacity 100ml, 3.5x18.5cm, plunger length 10cm
Cleaning brush: 155cm

Package Included:

1 x  dredge tool 
1 x cleaning brush

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