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Dog Chewer Toothbrush Toy


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Dog Chewer Toothbrush Toy is the perfect toy for aggressive chewers. It's multifunctional - cleans teeth, grinds teeth, squeaks and eliminates analytics for better oral wellbeing. It’s a great aid to train your dog from destroying your things at home. Give your pet dog something fun, healthy and indestructible. 

Bone Brush - Dog Dental Toothbrush Chew Toy – GizmoPeak

  • Indestructible dog chew toy. It’s highly durable and can withstand aggressive chewers large breed dogs. It effectively satisfies your pet’s chewing urges and keeps it entertained leaving your things at home safe from getting destroyed. Made from high quality and nontoxic TPR. 

  • Deep cleaning of dog teeth.A toy and a toothbrush at the same time. Our Dog Chewer Toothbrush Toy cleans dogs teeth in all directions. It removes plaques and tartar that causes bad breath. You can also put dog toothpaste to boost the cleaning effect. It saves pet owners time while training the dog good oral care.
Dog Toothbrush – GenieMania Fr
  • Stop dog from chewing your things. Designed for all breeds and sizes of dogs. For puppies to large aggressive chewers. It’s a chew toy that trains the dog oral care and something to play with to release energy and discomfort. A great toy for physical training and reduces tendency for obesity.

  • Interactive and entertaining toy. Get your dog’s attention and keep it responsive. This dog chewer toy features 2 whistles placed at both ends that sound whenever bitten or chewed. This easily attracts your pet’s attention and interest in playing.
Product Details:
  • Components: TPR
  • Size: approx.
  • Product Size: 180x80mm/ 7x3.15inch
  • Product weight: 140g

Package Included:
  • 1 x Dog Chewer Toothbrush Toy

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