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Door Trim Installation Tool

Built-in and preset measuring trim tool

Replace moldings and door trim with ease using the handy Door Trim Installation Tool. Cut lines at 45º and 90º marks while holding it in place. It's used to easily measure, mark, and install casement trim using its preset hooks and slots for accurate cuts with a professional finish. 


  • Get perfect and consistent alignment.Door Trim Installation Tool helps position your trim stock as you nail. It’s a measuring and hanging trim that allows you to get accurate alignment and uniform 3/16" reveals.
  • Create perfect miters every time.  Layout, mark and cut trim stocks all at once in professional results.It has a built-in tape measure hook slot that allows you to measure jamb openings and trim stocks accurately for miters. 
  • Cut in perfect angles with precision. Door Trim Installation Tool features preset reveals and built-in angle guides to help you mark cut lines for45º and 90º angles.
  • Speed up installation and home projects. A versatile tool ideal for installing trips and other millwork. It saves your time and speeds up things by making the trim and molding installation faster and fun. Perfect for professional, beginner and DIY works. 

Product Specifications:

Color: Orange                                                                                                 Components: Solid Polymer
Product size:  9 x 6 x 0.5 inches
Product weight:  3.2 ounces

Package Included: 

1 x Door Trim Installation Tool

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