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DrinkUp! Shot Glass Dispenser Caddy

Holding a cocktail party at home? Don’t keep your guests waiting for their drinks to get served.

Fill up 6 liquor glasses in just one go using thisDrinkUp! Shot Glass Dispenser Caddy and carry it to them all together for serving. It is a convenient, quick, practical, and definitely an attention grabbing way to serve wine!

  • Enjoy Good Wine Anytime: Dispense 2 or more types of wine easily and quickly. The glass can be accurately filled with liquid in a few seconds through the middle area being the center of the distribution port. An important bar supply addition to being used during holidays, special occasions, parties bars and home bars.
  • Wine Glass Holder and Dispenser: Fill, hold, and carry a maximum of 6 small glasses in one go. It lessens the job and reduces the long wait for the drinks to be served. Any hostess would be delighted having this wine glass dispenser as part of their bar equipment. Truly an innovative bar equipment that gives convenience in terms of wine dispensing and serving.
  • Top Notch Design: This DrinkUp! Shot Glass Dispenser Caddy is 100% safe and usable for a long time. Uniquely designed for quick, accurate, and multiple wine dispensing purposes. It can also help you easily mix drinks without waste and spillage. Made of prime quality, durable, and food-grade plastic material. 

    How To Use:

    1. Simply place one shot glass under each spout
    2. Pour the drink of your choice directly into the top of the wine dispenser. It can hold up to 1 liter.  
    3. It will automatically dispense wine into the shot glasses,
    4. Carry and serve wine/drinks to your guests.
      • Easy Wash and Store: In cleaning this dispenser caddy, use warm water and clean it thoroughly. Pour the water directly to the center for even distribution of liquid into each dispensing slot. Keep dry and get it ready for the next party.  

      Product Details:

      Components: Plastic


      Color: Blue 

      Package Include:

      1 xDrinkUp! Shot Glass Dispenser Caddy

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