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DryMe! Portable Electric Clothing Rack


Keep clothes always dry this winter!


Winter is approaching and it’s hard to keep your clothes always dry. Always keep your attire or ootd ready and dry overnight with the DryMe! Portable Electric Clothing Rack. A handy device that will surely get your clothes ready in hours without the expense!


👕360° Hot Air Circulation:Be ready to have your clothes dry in just minutes or hours as you get ready to go out with this DryMe! Portable Electric Clothing Rack. Store and circulate hot air inside at constant 60°C that penetrates the inside of your clothing's fiber. Eliminate damp smell as you let your clothes dry. 

👕Travel Convenient:No need to install as this device can be used immediately after hanging it up. Comes with a circular hanging that has clips providing more space for your clothes. Easy to store as it only takes a little amount of space and has a storage bag to keep it compact, the perfect equipment for your travels. 

👕Efficient Drying Machine:Low energy consumption with high drying efficiency that allows you to dry your clothes quickly with the cost of too much energy making ideal for your dorm or own home as well.

👕Large Capacity:Despite being small and portable, this device will not disappoint you as it can dry up 3-5 clothes at a time or 8-10 pieces of underwear. Equipped with safety protection, overheating, or short circuit that shall make the dryer stop once detected.

Product Details:

Bracket Components: Stainless steel/Plastic
Style: Yellow-Puppy, Blue-Bear, Yellow-Banana, Pink-Flamingo, Burgundy Red
Rated voltage: 220V
Nominal frequency: 50Hz
Rated power: 450W-500W
Drying time: Turn on regularly
Hanger: Stainless steel
Drying capacity: ≤ 5KG
Weight: About 800g
Storage bag: 24 x 32cm
Open size: 82 x 42cm

Package Include:

1 Set x DryMe! Portable Electric Clothing Rack

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