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DustOff Mite Vacuum Cleaner

Rose Red
Sakura Pink

Mites & Bed Bugs Vacuum Cleaner 

If you’re a person having breathing difficulty caused by allergy, you need to eliminate pollen, dust, mites, and other air pollutants in your home. Maintain a healthy livable home using this DustOff Mite Vacuum Cleaner. A powerful vacuum cleaner that sucks and collects any tiny particles that come it's the way. 


☑️ Powerful Home Cleaner:Suck and collect even the tiniest particle in your mattresses and other bed paraphernalia. This can effectively vacuum out dust particles behind thick layered or even multiple layered fabrics. It can even kill germs while sucking out pesky bugs and mites. It is important to keep your home free from these pesky pollutants that can cause skin allergies and itchiness.

☑️ Premium Quality Vacuum Cleaner: Made from strong and durable plastic material with a powerful turbo motor that operates on 300W power at 220V. This DustOff Mite Vacuum Cleaner has a 5x powerful suction capability and is guaranteed to last for a long time.

☑️ Cyclone Motion Function: Daily cleaning using this vacuum cleaner eliminates high manpower cost. The motor operates on a whooping rotary motion that it comes like a cyclone collecting and sweeping all dust and other small particles that comes its way. Everything it collects goes straight into its dust bucket subject to disposal later. 

☑️ Easy Operation Function: Simply switch the “on” button after plugging the power supply cord. No other things to do. Simply on and start cleaning your home to free it from dust, mites, and other pests.

☑️ Wide Scope of Use: Use this vacuum cleaner to remove bed bugs, dust, mites, pet niche, pet bugs, furs, and hairs. Use it on your bed, pillows, blankets, sofa, car upholsteries and other places where mites and dust prominently hide. You may use this too to eliminate dust on your curtains and other fabrics openly exposed to dust accumulation. 

Product Details:


Components: ABS
Color Options: Normal Type Rose Red, Regular Type Sakura Pink, Upgrade Patting Rose Red, Upgrade Patting Cherry Blossom Powder, Upgrade to beat local tyrants
Rated Power: 300W
Voltage: 220V
Power Cord Length: 4 meters 

Product Includes:

1 x  DustOff Mite Vacuum Cleaner

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