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Easy Lift Closet Caddy Box

Organize and store your items and retrieve them easily even from high shelves with this Easy Lift Closet Caddy Box. Improve your storage system with a pull-down closet box perfect for safe and easy retrieval.


  • Make use of high shelves and top spaces.Get more and better storage systems by making use of all spaces available, even the hard to reach ones. Attachable to any wood and wire shelving for secure mounting.
  • Safe retrieval of items. Retrieving storage boxes from high shelves can be dangerous and requires effort to lift. Reach and retrieval made safer and easier with a lift support bar. It holds the Easy Lift Closet Caddy Box and supports its weight during retrieval.
  • Find exactly what you’re looking for.Organize and store any items and find them much easier. The clear front view panel shows what things are stored inside the box and saves you time from looking elsewhere.
Closet Caddy product photo Internal 3 THUMBNAIL
  • Foldable storage bin. Unfold and clip to secure and fold down flat and detach when empty to store away easily. Easy space-saving design. Stores up to 4kgs of items perfect for clothes, toys, towels and more in a 16x13x13inches box.


  • Size: 16x13x13inches
  • Weight Capacity: up to 4kgs
  • Components: Fabric, clear plastic
  • Color: Blue


  • 1 x Easy Lift Closet Caddy Box

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