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EasyPrint Portable Printer

Print copies anytime you need one!


Day by day, technology surprises you with the latest and ultra-modern inventions that make your daily lives convenient. Before, printers were so bulky and heavy and to print a report means you need to go back home or go to the printing shop to get them printed. But with this EasyPrint Portable Printer, you can now print anytime and anywhere you need a copy.Easy, convenient, and no delay!



  • Product of Advanced Technology: Print comfortably and easily using thisEasyPrint Portable Printer. A portable pocket-sized printer that can create fast and clear colored printing anytime and anywhere. Simply connect through WIFI connections from any mobile device or laptop. Operates through bluetooth and is recognized as the world’s smallest mobile color printer with standard ink cartridge. 


  • User-Friendly with Superb Performance: One button operation, small and very lightweight and can be operated by just one hand. It has a high-quality full color print cartridge that lasts long. With a cover switch design for easy and convenient cartridge removal. It boasts 6 hours working time and 1 year standby. You can also enjoy a huge print output up to 415 pages.


  • Prints well on any surface:Dries quickly on paper, fabric and wood. This can be used on surfaces like metals, plastic, and glasses. Best for T shirt printing, invitation making, product labeling and advertisements both on canvas, on board, mugs and glasses printing. 

  • Handy and Portable: With only 110 grams in weight, this compact and ultra-modern printer is very easy to carry anywhere you need it. Carry this to your office, to your school, to the meeting venue or even in a party preparation where you need to print invitations and labels. 

How to Install Ink Cartridge:

  • Remove the protective cap on the link cartridge and remove the protective film of the print head.
  • Remove the printer base, turn on the cover switch, open the transparent cover.
  • Put the ink cartridge into the ink tank of the printer.
  • Close the cover and close the cover switch.

How To Use this portable printer:

  • Connect the printer to any mobile device or laptop via WIFI
  • Scan to printer setting panel – Scan the QR code on the printer base to access the setting panel
  • Upload Mode – upload the pattern to be printed
  • Click to Start – Press the start button which turn green
  • Printing – the printer will then start printing your material pattern

Product Details:

Motion Detection: Optical Sensor
Battery Life: 6hours (2hrs full charging time)
Charging Port: USB (Type C)
Standby Time: >1 year                                                                                                        Weight: 110g
Size: 7.2 x 5.1 x 6.8cm
Color: White
Connection: WIFI/ USB connection
Apply to system: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Package Include: 

1 x EasyPrint Portable Printer 

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