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EDrill+ Reciprocating Saw Attachment


Change your electric drill into a reciprocating saw!

If you like to tackle DIY projects around the house and need to make quick cuts then change your electric drill into a reciprocating saw usingEDrill+ Reciprocating Saw Attachment. This handy attachment is packed with tons of features to help you get the work done.  The right tool for the job that does not require a high degree of precision just to install it. 


  • Labor And Time-Saving Drill Attachment: This powerful and versatile handheld saw can cut through wood, metal, masonry, fiberglass, plastic, and more. Reciprocating cutting action is achieved through the alternating push and pull motion of the blade with power supplied by a motor. With adjustable guide plate position. 

  • Cut Through Anything with Just Your Drill!: .Its incredible motor enables it to slice through hard, thick materials easily. It has a vibration control system, an innovative counterbalance technology that reduces vibration to a minimum. The variable speed trigger improves cutting control in various materials. Deliver a strong performance and lasting reliability
  • Top Quality High-Speed Steel: Made of premium ABS and high speed steel, safe and eco‑friendly, firm and durable. The non-slip ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort and a sure grip during cutting for a convenient use.

  • Attach, Switch or Remove Blades Easily: Simple operation saves time and effort. Hassle-free installation by just inserting the saw blade and tightening the screw. The saw blade can be quickly replaced in the connecting rod without a need to disassemble.

Product Details:

Saw Blade Sizes: 150mm/135mm/100mm
Connecting Rod Diameter: Approx. 8mm
Power Type: AC Power                                                                                           Components: ABS, High Speed Steel
Diameter: 145 x 90 x 50mm
Handle Length: 100mm

Package Includes:

1 x EDrill+ Reciprocating Saw Attachment
3 x Saw Blades
1 x Handle

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