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Elastic Resistance Bands Suspension Straps

Army Green

Build your own gym at home

Build your own gym at home and do a complete body workout using our Elastic Resistance Bands Suspension Straps. Enhance your flexibility, strength, and balance. Adjustable suspending rope bands allow for different body positions to target different muscle groups. An incredible exercise gadget for Suspension Training System that gives an all-out body exercise just 15 minutes per day.


  • Suspension training at home. Our Elastic Resistance Bands Suspension Straps is adjustable and versatile to your workout needs. It provides great strength and flexibility training for 15 minutes keeping you and your body strong. Set your fitness equipment at home and work out your arms, legs, back and core. 
  • Can withstand rigorous workout sessions. Build muscles, burn fat, improve your stamina, flexibility, balance and endurance. Made from polyester fabric, polyester Non-slip handle the strength training straps can hold up 300 pounds of weight capacity. 
  • Full body workout. A set of straps can do 300+ exercise? Believe it or not but you can do a full body workout and strength training using suspension bands. Complete with resistance straps that stretches from 130cm-180cm, foot ring limiters, heavy duty buckle and adjustable foot straps to workout your core, stamina, and strength. 
  • Easy to install indoor or outdoor. Elastic Resistance Bands Suspension Straps is a home version of Suspension Training System and allows you to set up everything in the comforts of your home. The set comes with a door anchor, wall mount and heavy duty hook to sustain your workout needs. Choose whether you want to workout indoors or outdoor.  

Product Details:

Components: Polyester
Product size: 130cm-180cm (hook to handle)

Package Included:

2 x Adjustable Resistance Straps
1 x Door Anchor
1 x Wall Mount
1 x Elastic Resistance Band
1 x Extension Strap
1 x Drawstring Travel Bag
1 x Exercise Book & Get Started Guide

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