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Electronic Measuring Spoon


Electronic measuring spoon 

The Electronic Measuring Spoon ensures your accurate measurement. Simple 3 button operation. The digital food scale has three buttons. It can help you accurately weigh the last weighed container or ingredient,

This amazing spoon can be used to measure flour, milk powder, butter, cream, edible oil, tea, medicine powder, food seasoning, making cooking easier. It is widely used in the kitchen, laboratory, industry, etc. 


ELECTRONIC SCALE WITH HIGH PRECISION SPOON: Uses high precision sensor system with overload indicator and maximum weight up to 500g in 0.1g increments. An accurate scale can make your meal more delicious.

4 DIFFERENT UNITS: The MODE function allows you to switch between different units. HOLD function locks or unlocks the weight display.

WITH TARE FUNCTION: lower battery, overload indicator. Automatic power-off saves battery life.

WIDE APPLICATION: Practical tools for measuring the weight of flour, milk powder, butter, cream, and cooking oil, as well as weighing solid and liquid ingredients.

HIGH SAFETY: Made of high-quality ABS material, this digital spoon scale is highly safe, reliable, and durable. It is a healthy choice for your lifestyle.

REMOVABLE SPOON FOR EASY CLEANING: The spoon can be easily detached from the handle. In this way, you can prevent water from entering the body to maintain the service life of this digital spoon scale. Therefore, there is also no worry about the cleaning problem weighing afterward.


Materials: ABS material
Size: 23 cm × 5 cm × 3 cm
Color: black / white


Mode: Switch between units: g, oz
Tare: zero on the scale.
Hold: When the spoon reaches a stable measurement, it holds that value. Press


1 * Electronic measuring spoon

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