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Electronic Pearl Bead Reamer

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Portable handheld bead reamer

Create your own beaded and pearl accessories or repair your old beaded jewels using our Electronic Pearl Bead Reamer. Drill precise center holes in your pearls and beads with smooth and uniform finish. 


  • Make holes without damaging the bids. Electric, automatic and portable. This makes it convenient and easy to use. It features ultra-precis diamond tip for drilling and enlarge holes in small or large beads, pearls, gemstones and more without leaving any burr signs, cracks or any damage. 
  • Simple 2 step process. Submerge  bead and Electronic Pearl Bead Reamer tip in a small amount of water, hold the bead and press button. Easy, faster and convenient than your old and manual bead reamer. 
  • Make holes of any size. Easily drill or enlarge holes of any size in your bead or gemstone. It can create up to 1/8”. It permits you to utilize various materials for better and more grounded hanging. Save your fingers from the more drawn-out manual work.
  • Get crafty and creative with your accessories.File, grind, and shape beads your materials to make good crafts and accessories. It’s perfect for arts and crafts, hobbiyists, DIY crafting, sanding and more.

Product Details:

Rated Voltage: 12V
Input Power: 21W                                                                                         Components: Metal, Plastic
Length: 13.5cm


Package Included: 

1 x Bead Drill / 1 x Bead Clamp
1 x 3mm Copper Core Chuck
2  x Drill Bits                                                                                                                      1 x AC Adapter

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