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Essential Oil Candle Diffuser Lamp

A stunningly simple but elegant piece of home decor is the Essential Oil Candle Diffuser Lamp. It stores up to 9.46 fl oz/ 280 ml of water and generates up to 35 ml per hour of moisture, working for 5-8 hours with continuous production. This premier USB candle diffuser lamp  is incredibly silent, using ultrasonic technology, so it will not be a nuisance when you are working or sleeping.

Without the synthetic chemicals used in more conventional room fresheners or even real candles, essential oil diffusers are a common and chic way of creating your own custom home aromas. This classic stone diffuser consists of high-quality materials and high-grade plastic that is free of BPA. There's no heat involved since it uses ultrasonic technology to disperse the essential oils. The Essential Oil Candle Diffuser Lamp will make you an awesome gift or give your friends the essential oils or candles they need!

Color: pink, green, black
Input: DC5V-0.5A
Power: 2.5W
Mist amount: 35ML/H
Water tank capacity: 280ml
Product Size: 120*120*220mm
Package Include:
1 * Diffuser Humidifier
1 * USB cable
2 * Cotton swabs
1 * Manual

Before first use, pull out the cotton swab (DO NOT LOSE THE SPRING) and soak it in water at both ends for 2 minutes. Add only 1-2 drops of water-soluble essential oil.


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