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AquaBelt™ Exercise Swimming Training Belt



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The AquaBelt™ is designed for push-off drills, in-place resisted swimming, resisted walking, running, and other in-water resistance drills.

Transform your terrace or inn pool into an exercise region to consume calories, improve perseverance, and increment strength. Practice long swims without incalculable flip turns.A Nine-Week Plan for Staying in Shape While Injured | Pool workout ...


  • improve your ability to swim in a straight line instead of weaving from one side to the other.
  • aid in practicing bilateral breathing, helping you concentrate on the least amount of head rotation you need to take a breath on each side.
  • improve your kicking by allowing you to concentrate on the motion from your hips and thighs rather than from your knees.
  • a good tool for practice drills, especially one-arm drills. Swim with one arm for a set amount of time, then switch to the other. This drill will help produce a more even stroke.
  • help to minimize over-rotation from one side to the other by letting you concentrate on equal rotation for each side.


  • WORKOUT IN THE WATER: For water aerobics, aqua jogging, swimming pool exercise, or physical therapy
  • UPRIGHT FLOATING: Keep yourself afloat and vertical with AquaBelt™, optimized for good balance and safety. This is great for new swimmers or those looking to add some weight to their water workout
  • LOW IMPACT WORKOUT: Whether recovering from an injury or simply working that cardio, enjoy a low-impact workout that's easy on the feet
  • COMFORT FOAM: Cut down on the discomfort with EVA foam design for a comfy, flexible fit where it matters most. No pinching or tight squeeze when worn
  • TWO SIZES: Each has an adjustable strap and buckle so it fits to your unique size just right. 2.5cm foam thickness for kids or adults with a swimming spot of 100kg and 4cm for people who cannot swim and need more buoyancy



2.5cm thickness, total length 61.5cm

4cm thickness, total length 70cm

Components: EVA Foam

Colors: Blue, Pink 


1 x AquaBelt™ Exercise Swimming Training Belt

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