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Expanding Garden Trellis


Create a beautiful vertical garden in your home

Make your garden more colorful and lush! Encourage plants to develop and immediately add more space to plant in your nursery with this Expanding Garden Trellis. You can hang plants or let shrubs and plants creep on it!


  • Attract more pollinators -Expect more trees and a livelier garden when more and more butterflies and bees visit as soon as the creeping plants on your expanding trellis start blooming! 
  • No more barren walls -Bring life to old, worn down, or empty walls. This trellis can add vertical interest to your gardens. It creates a sense of movement and makes a small garden look bigger, too.
  • Create your private garden area - Use this trellis as a fence for your outdoor tea party area. Easily expand and retract to fill or fit your spaces.
  • Made for the outdoors - You won’t have to worry about it getting destroyed for a long time. You can use it indoors to add some green in your living spaces as well. Made of wood that has been treated to repel water damage and termites. 


  • Made of non-coated wood

Package includes:

  • 1 x Expanding Garden Trellis

 Expand your garden, vertically!

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