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EZF Wood Repair Cream

 Fix your wood furniture with ease with EZF Wood Repair Cream!

This EZF Wood Repair Cream is made especially for polishing and decontaminating any wood surface. This easily removes dust, dirt, and scratches while adding a protective coating to prevent damage to the furniture.


  • Covers any kind of scratches.This cream offers more than 100 colors. You do not have to worry again about what color would match your furniture. 

  • Restores your wood furniture. After cleaning the furniture piece thoroughly, put a small amount of EZF Wood Repair Cream over the damaged area. Smooth it into the scratch with a tail scraper and remove any excess repair paste. Then wait until it dries. 

  • Refurbishes wood flawlessly. This restores scratches, nicks, scuffs, and discoloration on wood, wood-veneer, desk furniture, wood floors, trim, cabinets, tables, beds, frames, doors, and many more. Save your money from going to a shop to fix your furniture when you can fix it on your own. 

   Product Details:                                                                                                                          

  • Color: more than 100 colors
  • Components: Polymer Resin
  • Product Size: 2.8cm x 10.5cm/1.10" x 4.13" (Approx.)
  • Product Weight: 25 g/ pc

Package Included:

1 pc x EZF Wood Repair Cream


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