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EZShift Motorcycle Rubber Pedal Protector(4PCS/SET)

Anyone surely knows that the appeal of motorcycles has increased greatly due to their low running costs and the ability to navigate through various traffic conditions. 

But most of all, you can enjoy the very feeling of freedom that accompanies a long motorcycle ride. Surely you as a motorbike rider will know that shifting gears on your motorcycle can damage your favorite shoes. For that reason, you will need to have thisEZShift Motorcycle Rubber Pedal Protector installed in your motorcycle.

  • Protects Your Shoes:A non-slip, flexible, and high-quality natural rubber. Designed to protect your footwear from scuff marks caused by the motorcycle shifter. Keep on shifting endlessly for years without ruining your fave riding shoes!

  • Anti-slip Material: Easy plug and play with no complicated instructions needed. Simply slip the rubber protector over the shifter and enjoy the protection it offers. It has a double-sided texture design that greatly improves the anti-skid performance. It likewise makes the foot pedal simple to step on.

  • Multi-color Matching:This EZShift Motorcycle Rubber Pedal Protector is available in 6 different bright colors. It also adds decor to your ride. Suitable for bikers of different personalities and characteristics. This fits most sport bike, street, dirt and ATV shifters.

Product Details:

Size: 39mm x 33mm x 18mm

Components: Rubber

Package Included:

1 x EZShift Motorcycle Rubber Pedal Protector

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