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EZSlide Shoe Helper


Finding it difficult to wear your shoes without asking help from anyone?

Wear your shoes effortlessly by simply sliding it in or even out from your shoes using this EZSlide Shoe Helper. This is a small tool shaped like a shoe horn designed primarily to help kids and the elderly to wear shoes comfortably without feeling back pain from crouching.


  • Universal Slip Shoe Helper: This shoe glider is practically open for use by everyone. No size requirement, no sex preference, and no age limit to use this tool! Designed with a curved angle, the smooth and well-rounded edge for easy and precise shoe gliding. 
    • Top of the Line Material: This EZSlide Shoe Helper is surely durable and guaranteed to help you for a long time. It comes in different color variations that are really attractive to suit your preferences. Made from hard plastic that is not easy to break or deform even with multiple usage. 
      • Simply Slip to Wear: Simply clip this helper at the heel portion of the shoe. Then, carefully slip your foot in. Remove the glider after. Effortlessly wear shoes while preventing them from getting creased. This definitely is the best shoe wearing helper tool for everyone.
        • Perfect for Anyone:This shoe glider tool is helpful to elderlies and tall people to avoid back pain caused by bending. Very useful for kids to let them wear shoes on their own without the assistance from mom or their caretaker. Pregnant women can also use this to avoid them from crouching and putting too much weight on their baby bumps.

          Product Details:


          Available Colors: White, Pink, Red, Gray, Blue

          Components: Plastic

          Size:17.5cm x 5cm x 2.5cm


          Package Include

          1 x.EZSlide Shoe Helper

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