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EZWine Pressure Cork Opener

Smooth and easy cork opener 

Do you love drinking wine after a long and tiresome day but stress out whenever you’re using your shoddy bottle opener? Remove the cork simply, smoothly, and effortlessly with EZWine Pressure Cork Opener.  A quick and easy way to open a bottle of wine without pulling and twisting.



  • Effortless Cork Remover:The most effortless device you could ever use and it removed cork in mere seconds. Just pierce the needle, pump a few times, and the cork will come out without leaving any bit or pieces of cork and eliminates bottle damage. No hassle of pulling, twisting or broken pieces and stopper debris. You can keep the cork and re-use it to seal the wine bottle.
  • Quality Grade Material: A great choice for any wine lover, novice, and connoisseur. Make the task of opening a wine bottle like magic! Made of strong ABS cover and sharp stainless steel needle surface treated with food-grade, very durable, and with good corrosion resistance. 

  • For All Traditional Wine Bottles: The satisfaction you’ll get when you hear that loud pop when the cork comes out of the bottle will be simply amazing. Designed for and compatible with all types and sizes of wine bottles. 

  • Aesthetic Design: Feel like you’re in a fancy restaurant. There’s no doubt that this little device will get the job done. This straightforward wine opener is ideal to use at home, bar, café, or restaurant. There are no fumes, and no gas is needed for this opener to work properly.

Product Details:


Size: 19.5cm x 5.0cm

Weight: 56g

Packing: OPP Bag

Components: ABS, Stainless Steel

Color: Black

Package Includes:

1 x EZWine Pressure Cork Opener 

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