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Fan-Shaped Agricultural Atomizing Nozzle

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Spray with better coverage range in controlled and uniform mists or droplets!

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This Fan-Shaped Agricultural Atomizing Nozzle is a High pressure, target lock and uses 4 water nozzles to form water mist or jet stream to effectively increase water coverage range. Water plants, or apply chemicals on fruit trees faster and with better coverage. 


  • Adjustable fan-shaped nozzles.4 stainless adjustable flat nozzles that create fine mists or jet streams allow flexible water passage and effectively cover a wider area at a distance. 
  • Spray in uniform sizes. Best for watering and applying low viscosity liquids like fertilizers and other plant chemicals. Spray in controlled and uniform mists or droplets. 
  • Target locking spray trigger. Lock it in place and direct the nozzles wherever you want to water. Water or spray continuously without the need to keep squeezing the trigger. 
  • Faster and wider coverage.  Fan-shaped, adjustable angle and nozzle pressure allows for wider area coverage. Cover approximately 45cm of area in one go.


  • Outlet hole size: 1.5mm
  • Atomization effect: Single
  • Components: Stainless Steel Gun + Plastic Nozzle
  • Connector size: M14*1.5 Female Thread

A - 3 Nozzles


B - 4 Nozzles


Package Includes:

1 x Spray Gun

1 x Set Atomizer Head & Outlet

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