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FeetFree 20-30mmHg Zippered Compression Socks


Choose the right compression socks for your legs

Relieve legs and ankles from swelling while feeling comfortable all day with FeetFree 20-30mmHg Zippered Compression Socks. Provide mild compression to your legs and alleviate pain caused by varicose veins or spider veins. Designed with zippered closure for a more secure hold and open toe for better fit while providing good ventilation and blood flow. 



  • Specially designed to apply pressure on your legs.  Distributing 20-30 mmHg for maximum relief and benefit. Apply 15-20mmHg pressure to your upper calf, 20-25mmHg to your lower calf and 30-35 mmHg to your ankles. Designed to provide mild pressure to different parts of your legs.


  • Different pressure levels for different benefits.  15-20 mmHg will help your upper leg area circulate better blood flow and reduce swelling. Pressure level 20-25mmHG not only relieves aches and swelling but also helps flush out lactic acid build up in the calf area.  The 30-35 mmHg pressure on your ankle area relieves swelling to your lower limbs and also reduces tension due to aches, swelling and fatigue.


  • Durable and comfortable compression socks.Secured by zipper closure with inner fabric to prevent skin pinching during closure. The double stitching and open toes will ensure your feet are well fitted. Made from breathable and soft material that provides gentle pressure while at the same time promotes good ventilation to your skin.  


  • Choose the right compression socks for your legs.  Choosing the right compression sock size will provide the best benefit by targeting the right leg area to apply pressure with. Fabric is soft and easy to pull on and off. Choose from 3 different sizes by measuring your calf circumference. Sizes are available from S,M, L, XL and XXL. Check our size chart to see which one will fit you best. 

Product Details:

Components: graduated compression stockings
Color: Flesh / Black

Package Included:
1 x pair 20-30mmHg Zippered Compression Socks

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