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FishLife Rechargeable Aquarium Oxygen Aerator Pump


 A must-have outdoor fishing device

FishLife Rechargeable Aquarium Oxygen Aerator Pump is a compact and portable oxygen pump that you can easily attach to any container to keep fishes alive. Provide up to 8hrs oxygen supply and up to 36 hours of lighting for your home and outdoor fishing. Perfect to bring on fishing trips. 


                                       HIGHLIGHT BENEFITS

🐟Multifunctional Oxygen Pump. FishLife Rechargeable Aquarium Oxygen Aerator Pump works in 3 intelligent modes. It has a sensor light that automatically turns on and off once, a switchable bait light and a switchable air pump. It makes fishing easier and keeps your catch fresh and alive for hours. 

🐟Great outdoor fishing device. About 4.9 x 2.8 x1.2 inches. Rechargeable, compact and multifunction. The automatic inductive pumping allows you for hands-free operation. Has a built-in 2000mAh battery. On full charge, the battery can last 8hrs of air pumping and can provide you 3 LED lights illumination up to 36 hours max. Works for both saltwater and freshwater. 

🐟Good oxygen flow and clearer water.This rechargeable air pump has a triple filtration action to keep the water clean and oxygen flow better. It has a filter screen and filter bead to remove water impurities and a third filter passing through the fine wire mesh to provide better water quality. 

🐟Great for home aquarium and outdoor fishing use.Provide oxygen to your pet fish in your aquarium even without electricity. Keep your catch alive for hours. This simple rechargeable aquarium oxygen aerator is a must have for all fish lovers. Set it up easily or bring it on your fishing trips. 

Product Details:

Water supply working time: Lasts for 2 hours
Oxygen supply working time: Lasts for 8 hours
Lighting working time: Lasts for 48 hours
Function: Pumping, Aeration, Lighting                                                                           Flow Rate: Air volume: 3L/min; Water:1L/min.
Noise: <40dB
Pumping Height: 240cm/7.87ft
Weight: 210g/7.40oz
Dimension: 12x7x4.5cm/ 4.72 x 2.75 x 1.77 inch
Silicone Pipe Length: 240cm/7.87ft
Charging Mode: USB
Charging Time: 4 hours

Package Included:

1 x Aquarium Air Pump
1 x Metal Outlet Pipe
1 x Silicone Water Hose
1 x Air Stone
1 x Connector
1 x Filter Device
1 x Anti Pressure Foam
1 x USB Power Cord

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