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FitnessRX Yoga Pilates Roller Wheel

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 Stable support for different yoga poses


 Improve your balance and flexibility using FitnessRX Yoga Pilates Roller Wheel. This fitness wheel is made from high-quality TPE material that helps you stretch pain points and knotted muscles on hips, abdomen, chest and back area. Perform yoga poses better and with more stability.

  • Improve your yoga form. Develop good stability, strengthen your core and tone your muscles and body faster. Have fun practicing your yoga poses and achieve good yoga form. FitnessRX Yoga Pilates Roller Wheel is a versatile yoga and practice aid that provides support to your hips, back, legs, shoulders and chest.  


  • Improve your flexibility. This yoga wheel helps you improve your balance and flexibility. Stretch your muscles and reduce tension after a long day’s work. The circular shape allows you to stretch your spine and muscles with good support and bend. Made from padded and high quality TPE for comfortable use. 


  • Master yoga poses quicker. Perfect and master different yoga poses with stable support faster. It’s the perfect practice aid to achieve poses like inversions, backbends, headstands and more. It’s 33 x 15cm with 6mm thick anti-skid padding to prevent slipping and easy maintenance of balance. 


  • Relieve tensed muscles.Reduce back pain, stretch your spine and loosen tight muscles as you roll. This makes a good back cracker and helps relieve tensions from your upper, middle and lower body. Not only great for yoga poses but also relieving muscle pain and practicing other stretching workouts like pilates.  

Product Details:


Color: pink, blue, purple                                                                                           Components: TPE
Product Size: 32x 13cm
Product Weight:1.5 kgs

Package Included:
1 x Yoga Pilates Roller Wheel

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