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2 in 1 Flawless Foundation Blender Brush


Create An Airbrush Finish In Seconds!

Undeniably the fastest and easiest way to apply your makeup, the Flawless Foundation Brush will save you money, time, and effort. Life is too short for cheap, ineffective blenders or brushes, Flawless Foundation Brush does it all, eliminating the need for a blender and a brush.

Voted the #1 foundation brush of 2021, the innovative design uses over 200,000 soft, synthetic bristles to apply an even, perfect blend every time. 

Longer Bristles & More Dense = Ultimate Effect!

  • Soft & Smooth Application
  • Perfect, Poreless Finish
  • 200,000 Synthetic Bristles
  • Works With Any Cosmetic
  • Save Money On Wasted Product

Most blenders are so outdated, unhygienic, and absorbent of pathogens and excess makeup, they end up costing you more money and are not efficient.

Flawless Foundation Brush is perfect for powder, concealer, blush, cream, liquid, or foundation cosmetics. Pulling only what it needs, save money on product, and get a poreless, airbrush finish instantly.


Color: Black
Material: Plastic
200,000 Synthetic Bristles

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