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FLIXX Golf Ball Liner Marker

Bundle Value Pack

 Effective way to mark golf balls

Using FLIXX Golf Ball Liner Marker allows you to mark the ball and position it better pre-swing. It comes with a snap and pen marker for accurate markings. A simple yet effective trick to keep your alignment straight and your eyes on the ball. 


⛳Find a better angle. Mark on the front and back sides of your golf ball using FLIXX Golf Ball Liner Marker. It’s an effective way to align your club face perpendicular to your flight path and angle your ball better. 

⛳Pick up and mark golf balls easily.
The ball snap is designed in tong shape for easy pick up of golf balls. The slotted design also allows you to draw straight and neat lines on one side without the need for repositioning.  Marking pen also comes in red, blue, green and black color. 

⛳Consistent visual aid.Position your golf ball better and align your eyes and body with it. A simple marking of the golf balls allows you to find a better position, angle and flight path closer to your target. The set is lightweight to easily stash in your golf bag or pocket. 

Product Details:

Color: red, blue, black, pink                                                                             Components: Plastic
Product Size: snap: 4x6x5cm / pen: 14cm

Package Included:

1 x golf ball snap
1 x marker pen

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