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Foldable Aluminium Triangle Notebook Stand

Work on laptop comfortably anywhere

Work on your notebook laptop comfortably without hurting your wrists and back using our Foldable Aluminium Notebook Stand. Simple and ergonomically designed - collapsible, ultra thin, with six-speed heights and 8 angle adjustments for better eye and spine levels for optimum work comfort. 


  • Compact, light and portable design.Ultra thin and collapsible design easily makes it your on-the-go laptop stand. With 25.5x3.5x1.3 cm folded size and weighing only 0.8 pounds, it doesn’t take much space when stored away and lightweight enough to carry around.


  • Solid construction to secure your device. Made from aluminum alloy and silicone for a sturdy and durable laptop hold. It holds up to 35 lbs of weight and fits a 7-15 inch laptop. It’s 9mm thin yet solid and stable with its triangle structure. It’s the perfect notebook stand to use for home office, office and business trips.


  • Ultimate comfort for your eyes and spine. Our Foldable Aluminium Notebook Stand is user-friendly. It has six adjustable heights which elevates your laptop from 1.35 inches to 5.34 inches above the tabletop. It also has 8 gear adjustable angles for comfortable screen eye level. Eliminate neck and spine strain and work at an eye level. 

  • Well-ventilated laptop set up. Allow your notebook to cool down naturally. With elevated set up and angles, it increases the airflow on your laptop working as a heat sink.

Product  Details:

Product Size: 25.5x3.5x1.3 cm folded size. Up to 21.5 cm unfolded size
Product Weight: 0.8 lbs
Weight capacity: 35lbs
Height capacity: 5.34 inches                                                                                 Components: Aluminum alloy, silicone gel

Package included: 

1 x Foldable Aluminium  Triangle Notebook Stand

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