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FowlCare Chicken Protection Apron


Free your hens from any rooster’s claws!

Mating with a rooster can cause feather harm, bald spots, and skin injuries to a hen’s back and wings. Feathers are meant to be protected and cannot always withstand repeated abrasions. It is always the skin on a hen’s back that will take the wear and tear. Protect your chickens' back and feathers from a rooster's nails during mating with this FowlCare Chicken Protection Apron. 


🐔Best Back Protector:Protect hens from aggressive rooster nails and spurs during mating, bullying, or foraging the back causing wounds. Keep their back covered in areas with wound and feather loss to promote faster healing and feather regrowth.

🐔Elastic and Easy to Wear
: The elastic strap of this apron gives enough space for expansion so that it will not hurt your poultry when worn. Made from a light-weighted fabric, it’s easy to put on just by pulling the elastic to one side. Put their wing through and then do the same on the other side.

🐔Reversible & V-Shape Tail-Cut Design:
Keeps apron in place, preventing it from flipping and sliding. With this reversible chicken protector, you won’t need to trim your rooster and you can even use them during a molt in case of excessive pecking. Two times the material so you can even reverse them and wash them too!

🐔Keep Chickens Warm & Cool
: Hand-crafted cotton canvas fabric keeps the hens warm during the cold months. The unique design of this FowlCare Chicken Protection Apron will also let your hens fly and get fresh air on warm days. Available in 5 different colors - Black, Army Green, Khaki, Pink, Rose Red that are suitable for chickens and ducks.

Product Details:

Colors: Black, Army Green, Khaki, Pink, Rose Red                                                   Components: Cotton Canvas
Size: 17.5x19cm

Package Includes:

1 x FowlCare Chicken Protection Apron

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