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Free To Tie Lazy Shoelaces

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Light Pink
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The newly upgraded lazy elastic shoelaces!

Effectively solve the problem that children can't tie shoelaces, frequently tie shoelaces, and the shoelaces are too long to tie.

►Hidden & Visible Mode
No-tie laces utilize our Lace Anchor locks to firmly secure our elastic laces. No need to adjust after your initial installation, our Lace Anchor is specially designed to hold your desired lace tension.

      • ►Long-Lasting Elastic Laces
        Our Laces are made with zero-memory elastic rubber, which ensures a consistently comfortable fit throughout your day and during your workouts. These Laces work on all types of shoes and boots as you simply trim off the excess ends.
      • ►Easy to Use
        Simply install your no-tie laces with the desired tension and slip-on / slip-off with no hassles day after day. Never have to worry about un-tied laces again!
      • ►Ultimate Comfort
        Our Lace Anchors secure your laces in place through any intense activities, while maintaining an amazingly comfortable fit.

      Product Weight
      • 27G
      • 100CM
      Package Contents
      • Shoelace × 2
      • Metal buckle × 4
      Material Polyester

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