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FunKIDZ Floating Ball Toy

A game of control, balance and endless smiles!


This FunKIDZ Floating Ball Toyis guaranteed to be a big hit whether you’re looking for party favors for your child’s birthday party, prizes for a kids’ carnival contest, or just a cool gift to make your day fun! This is a game of control, balance, patience, and endless smiles! Keep your kiddos occupied and entertained for hours. 



  • Blow to Balance: These fun toys for kids will literally take their little breaths away! Kids will love the serving of different bright colors that ignite eye-catching play. Through blowing exercises, children can find out how to control their breathing, comprehend the energy and direction and train lip muscles. 
  • Safe Materials to Play: Blowpipes and balls are made of safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly plastic. The round edge layout with no burrs will provide utmost security for your kids. The materials are also impressively durable for a long time use.
  • Easy to Use: This funny FunKIDZ Floating Ball Toy does not need a battery to operate thus making it convenient to use. You can enjoy the fun with your kids anytime and anywhere. Strengthen parent-child interaction and boost your relationship.
  • How to Play: It’s all in the breath. The game aims to balance the little ball by blowing into the pipes. As the children do their thing, they get to understand how to control their breath and strengthen their lip muscles. 

As the air is forced around the ball it must move faster to catch up to the other side. The result is a reduction in air pressure around the ball that in turn holds the ball in place. Play solo or create things more enjoyable by challenging a friend.

Product Details:

Size: about 10cm

Components: Plastic

Package Included:

1set x FunKIDZ Floating Ball Toy (3pcs)

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