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GA Anti-Odor Silicone Floor Cover

Keep out odors and bacteria

No more smelly drainage with GA Anti-Odor Silicone Floor Cover. This functions as an anti-odor cover and drain stopper, to prevent drainage and water flow. It also functions as a strainer, to prevent hair and other debris from being sucked down the drain. This can be washed easily with warm water or soap.



  • Keep out odors and bacteria. Made of high-quality silica gel material, non-toxic, soft, and flexible. It also prevents odor and fleas from climbing up the sewer. This keeps or drains the water away. 

  • No more smelly drainage. Never worry again about the smelly drainage. Enjoy your home’s refreshing air. This creates a tight seal, keeping odors, insects, and other unwanted critters from climbing up out of your drain pipes and into your sink. 


  • Various uses. You can put this on your kitchen sink, bathroom drain, bathtub, or laundry drain. Suitable for hot and cold water.

Product Details:

Color: Blue, White                                                                                                   Components: Silica Gel
Product Size: 20 x 20 cm /7.9 x 7.9 inches
Product Weight: 0.2 kg

Package Included:

1 x GA Anti-Odor Silicone Floor Cover

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