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GadgeTECH Multi USB 3.0 Hub

Get an amazing speed of up to 5gbps synchronization data

If you’re just looking to expand on the number of USB ports, then thisGadgeTECH Multi USB 3.0 Hubshould meet your requirements. Its multiple ports make it perfect use for gamers, musicians, and anyone else that needs a bunch of different external devices.


  • Expansion of USB 3.0 Port: You will no longer have to worry about the lack of ports for all your gadgets and peripherals. Plus, you’ll get an amazing speed of up to 5Gbps speed synchronization data. With the help of this USB 3.0 hub, you can immediately expand the computer’s 1 USB 3.0 port to 7 or 4 external USB 3.0 data ports. 

  • All in One Space Saver:Organize keyboards, mouse, USB flash drives, hard drives, cameras, printers, scanners, and more in one single USB hub. Save space and keep your desk tidy. You’ll make a lot of room and feel comfortable with your office space.

  • Individual On/Off Switches:  If you want to turn off one of the ports, just press the switch to do so. Each USB port has an On/Off switch with LED indicator which can easily display the power status. After the power is resumed, the port will retain the previous setting state. Each individual USB port is separately operated and will not affect each other. 

  • Plug and Play: Flexibility and convenience in one USB to make your work and life a lot easier. GadgeTECH Multi USB 3.0 Hub supports plug and play and hot-swap. No need to install other software and drivers. Just connect the desktop, laptop, mouse and other accessories. 
  • Reliability of Quality:Made of high-quality PVC and technology to improve performance and safety. Complete with built-in surge protection that enables additional defense for the hub and your devices. Optimize the line structure with a faster and more stable data transmission.

Product Details:


Size:104 X 35 X 21mm, 164 X 35 X 21mm

Data Transfer Rate: Upto 5Gbps/480mbps 

Color: Black / White

Compatible: WindowsXP/Vista/7 and MAC OS 9.1 or higher

Components: PVC

USB Ports:4 , 7

Cable:USB 3.0 About 605mm, USB 2.0  About 400mm

Package Included: 

1 x GadgeTECH Multi USB 3.0 Hub

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