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GB Adjustable Hand and Wrist Trainer for Baseball

Get the grip strength you need to crush that ball

GB Adjustable Hand and Wrist Trainer for Baseball promotes the wrist strength that gives you the power to get better wrist snap on your shot and increases your shooting range in a snap. Having strong wrists and forearms in baseball and softball can be a blessing in the batter’s box. Developing a stronger grip and wrists can help you put that final push behind the ball at contact. 


  • Strengthens hand and grip skills. GB Adjustable Hand and Wrist Trainer for Baseball develops your forearms and wrists with this exercise equipment that’s designed to target the flexor and extensor muscles in your arms. This gym equipment also strengthens the fingers to increase your grip strength. The greater the grip, the more you can crush that baseball. 

  • Increases flexibility. This will help you have better bat control. Designed for adjustable grip allowing you to create the perfect fit for your forearms, the grip ensures precise targeting of the muscles in your arms, guaranteeing each muscle group receives enough tension to facilitate development. 

  • Develop faster batting speed.Improving your speed and power is important, but no team needs a loose cannon. With its minimum tension of 8kg, this will help improve to build forearm muscles that increase your good drip and batting speed. 

  • Train on-the-go.Strengthen your arms wherever you go without bringing bulky dumbbells inside your bag. With its compact size of 27 x 130 x 250 mm, you can train your arms on the go. This will also help you reduce the inflamed tendons of your wrist by doing various workouts with this. 

Product Details:

  • Color: Black
  • Components: Metal Spring + Foam + Plastic
  • Product Size: 27 x 130 x 250 mm
  • Product Weight: 450 g

Package Included:

  • 1 x GB Adjustable Hand and Wrist Trainer for Baseball

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