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GCrafty Sewing and Quilting Cutter Rulers Set


Cut fabrics in different shapes and sizes

Get high accuracy in measuring, marking and cutting fabrics for your quilting and sewing projects using the GCrafty Sewing Cutter Rulers Set. Mark and measure the exact and precise size and diameter of cloth for cutting. It’s the perfect sewing cutter ruler for making quilts, patchworks, pillows, blankets, and more!



Our GCrafty Sewing  and Quilting Cutter Rulers Set includes: 

Clear acrylic circle cutter ruler. It’s the perfect cutting tool for your quilting and patchworks. Cut fabrics in different shapes.  Fold fabric in half and cut in a perfect circle, fan-shape, semicircle and even rings. Cut from 4-inch to 12-inch sized fabrics. 

Whimsical paper cutting set.  The set includes 112 cutout templates and a cutter perfect for many artworks and crafts including card making, invitations, stencils, home decor designs and more! 
Diminish your pressure while improving your innovativeness and focus with this fun Whimsical paper cutting set.

Clear acrylic strip cutter ruler. Save your time from measuring and aligning lines. You have the measuring and cutting guide you need in a durable clear acrylic strip cutter ruler. Cut strips and oblique patterns for your sewing and patchwork projects. 

Wedding ring quilting ruler.
Create beautiful and unique quilts and patchwork patterns using the Wedding ring quilting ruler. Cut double wedding rings, melons, arcs and squares in uniform sizes. 

Product Specification:

Materials: Acrylic
Color: Transparent + green
Product Size: 20.32x20.32cm
Product Weight: 110g

Package Included: 

1 x GCrafty Quilt Circle Cutter Ruler

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