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GH 5-way 9-volt Guitar Pedal Adapter


Connect your pedals together!

Transform your pedalboard into a simple cable with GH 5-way 9-volt Guitar Pedal Adapter.  You don’t have to have a different power supply for every cable, now you can just use one power supply for up to 5 pedals! With this 5-way daisy chain, you can turn any single power supply into a 5-way power brick. It also has amazing noise isolation, enabling for a clutter-free setup and better sounding performance.


  • Premium Components.GH 5-way 9-volt Guitar Pedal Adapter is made of high-quality copper inner core and PVC plastics. It has high conductivity, wear-resistance, low weight, and long service life.


  • Clutter-free set-up.The length between plugs is about 11.4 inches, which is long enough to provide power to pedals organized in various ways on a pedalboard or the ground. Helps tidy things up, and fewer wires hanging around.


  • Magnet ring. The professional noise isolation performance ensures you a quiet pedal chain condition while you play absolutely no loss of sound or signal. The magnet ring can reduce noise disturbance. 


  • 9-volt adapter.The 9 Volt Adapter works with any device requiring tip negative 9V to minimize or eliminate the need to change batteries.

Product Details


Weight: 150g

Components: Steel + Plastic 

DC head size: 5.5 x 2.1 mm

Cable length: 11.4 inches

Package Includes: 

1 x 5-Plug Daisy Chain Cable

1 x 9-Volt Guitar Pedal Adapter

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