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GlamUp Professional Jeweler’s Piercing Cutting Tool

Cutting tool for jewelry designs and sizing

GlamUp Professional Jeweler’s Piercing Cutting Tool handles small and thin blades used for cutting piercings, rings, and other jewelry pieces. Design and cut your jewelry and accessories with accuracy and precision. Perfect for your delicate and intricate crafting. 


  • Smooth, light strokes and gentle handling. GlamUp Professional Jeweler’s Piercing Cutting Tool works in smooth, light strokes and gentle handling for narrow and fine cutting.  It cuts through metal, wood, plastic and other materials perfect for jewelry design and other crafting needs. No need to put a lot of effort on cutting your templates. 
  • Straight and precise fine cut. The saw frame is designed with an adjustable and locking clamp to firmly secure the blades in place and adjust the tension. It’s a great tool for cutting straight and precise lines. The frame can hold .022"x 0.13” x 5.20” blades 
  • Cut through small items.Perfect for cutting soft metals like gold or silver. Cut through items like earrings and pendant templates or rings for sizing and more. The thicker the item you want to cut, the thinner the blades used. Package comes with 12 pieces of saw blades in various sizes from QE1 to QE8. 

Product Details:

Components: metal
Product Size: 21 x 14 x 15 inches
Product Weight: 210g

Package Included:

1 x Professional Jeweler’s Piercing Cutting Tool
12 x saw blades QE1 to QE8

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